Thursday, May 7, 2009

My 1st Real Model

I have always avoided models. You can ask anyone who really knows me in Iarc and they will tell you how quickly I have always avoided the "model making group" during any of our team project endeavors. I have always loved looking at intricately constructed wood based architectural models and envied the constructor's talent and craft. But it never failed. Even when I would actually build the required model they would always bea rushed disaster. It has been a secret goal and desire of mine to build a nice model at some point in my Iarc career. ( Now i have actually built 2 product models that I am quite proud...but never an exterior or interior architectural model.

Since this is my last real studio, besides thesis, I decided it was past due time to do a model study of a space I designed. I wish I would have made some more exploratory sketch models throughout my process since this less craftful endeavor is a type of model making experience that has helped me in design development. I started this model before my perspectives but it was the last element of my project that I finished due to our final studio makeover.

Overall I am pretty happy with it. I learned alot by making it on my own and making mistakes. First I made a cut list, then I traced all my measurements on my basswood. I used machines from a friend's shop as well my olfa and x-acto knives. I didn't cut myself once! although I had a few close calls. Hopefully I will continue to work at this skill and will have many well crafted modes in my collection one day.

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