Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Circulation through Colorization

The spaces branching off the circulation pathways are signified be the wrapping of color around the entrances of the space.This is used as way finding from one end of the hallway down so that when the users of the space are passing through they can see that everywhere there is color there is a change the context of the space. This signifies classrooms, gym, auditorium, etc. The flooring color changes as well as the wall color. The ceiling color is made able to appear to change because of the drop down plane of an eco resin panel made by lumicor which is lit from above. This makes one feel like they are in a space within a space.

The locker systems also coordinate with the color wrapping, the top shelf of lockers taking from one zone while the bottom shelf takes from another and connects the two visually in the space.
The lockers were designed so that safety of those on the bottom was considered and gives them less of a chance of being hit in the head.

The signage frames are similar though varying in size so that no matter if it is a classroom name plate of a flyer...the eye will notice and pick up that in this product there is information that they need to read. The bulletin board frame takes the same form as well.
The frames are composed of plywood waste product and recycled glass.

Flooring: Nora Recycled Rubber, Paint: Mythic, No VOC Drop down plane panels: Lumicor eco resin, Ceiling: Pinta Acoustic Metal ceiling acoustical panels.

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